Contact Point Verification is the way toward checking the legitimacy of customer’s data referenced in the advance application, for example, business address, employer, or pay via bringing out a physical investigation or through a phone call

Confirmation of Records/data gave by potential clients is a significant and compulsory procedure in different ventures, including banking, business, telecom, and so forth.

This manual and work dangerous field process hurls a lot of difficulties and is tormented with fraudulent activities.

To makes the process simpler and fast, CPVMS (Contact Point Verification Management System) accompanies such a large number of progressions and improves your business profitability by giving the following full data.

Under this framework, there will be a complete straightforwardness between banks/NBFCs and organizations.







By what means can CPVMS improve Field Investigations?

Dispose of mistakes:

CPVMS enables you to pre-program answer choices, answer guidelines, applicable pictures, and reports just as obligatory answer fields, so whoever does the examination won’t miss any significant subtleties.

Reports Availability:

Utilizing the WEB Audit module, you can spare your reports on an online database that can be gotten to by your customers or your inside group.

Diminish TAT:

During the time spent verification, turnaround time is the most critical factor and assumes a vital job in finding the credibility of the check process. CPVMS is created so that the procedure runs quick and effectively with no interference.

Go paperless

All your field Investigation information can be posted on the web or on your PC. Not any more interminable documenting of pointless structures and papers.

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